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East Lake Greenway Project of CFMCC Hubei Company Won the Municipal Engineering Gold Award of Wuhan City
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:31 July 2017
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  On July 28, the second section of East Lake Greenway Project that constructed by CFMCC Hubei Company was awarded with the 2016 Annual Municipal Engineering Gold Award of Wuhan City by Wuhan Municipal Industry Association.

  The second section of this project has a total length of 10.63km, which starts from Ezhui and then passes Huguangchun, East Lake Ecological Garden, Luoyan Scenic Spot, Qinghe Bridge, and stops at the East Gate of Moshan Scenic Area. There are 9 stations and service places along this greenway. The project officially started working on April 20th 2016 and was completed and opened to the public on December 28.

  During the 8 months’ construction, the project department worked hard to firmly push forward the project construction and break through various barriers. During the heavy rains in Wuhan in 2016, the project department also actively assisted the surrounding villages for flood prevention and disaster relief, and helped the surrounding residents to solve problems, which has shown CFMCC bears its responsibilities as a central enterprise and has received the unanimous praise from all walks of life.

  By Huang Jing

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