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CFMCC Malaysia Company Present Enterprise Culture to Foreign Employees
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:12 June 2016
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On 1st June, CFMCC Malaysia Company held enterprise culture presentation for foreign employees.
The leader of Malaysia Company introduced the development history and traditional culture of CFMCC over 60 years detailedly to foreign employees, and organized them to watch the CFMCC English Propaganda Film, documentary of Pakistan Photovoltaic Power Generation Project and Propaganda Film of Kuwait 866 Housing Project. The foreign employees have got a deep understanding of splendid history of CFMCC, they expressed that the Photovoltaic Power Generation Project and Kuwait 866 Housing Project undertaken by CFMCC were magnificent and their proud feelings of being one member of CFMCC Overseas branch companies.
At last , the leader of Malaysia Company gave a speech, hoped foreign employees could do solid job and work together with Chinese employees to contribute their efforts for the development of CFMCC in Malaysia.

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